Monday, January 21, 2019

HostGator India Review

Switch to HostGator for website hosting and experience the growth in your business like never before.
Today, all the people in this world are connected to the internet in anyway. There is no such person who has not heard about the internet and has never used it. All these things are controlled and operated with the help of websites. But owning a website is not an easy task. But for making this work simple for the user, there are several companies in the world who help those people who want to own a website and wish to take their business or profession online on the internet.

HostGator is one very famous website server hosting company of the world. It is ranked among the top ten companies in the world. And now they have opened their branch in India also in order to provide best available services to the people of this country. But before moving forwards, let’s have a look at the services provided by the company and other benefits of moving towards them.
Main facilities provided by the company-
All the facilities which are essential for doing business are provided by the company so that you don’t have to tie-up with any other company after taking their services. Besides this, the company has included many new plans, especially to do business in India. These plans are very low in cost and provide all the facilities which the other companies provide in their medium range plans. Some of these facilities are described below:
  • Special plans according to the requirements of the market- There are many special features which the company has included in their regular plans in order to increase their business in India also. These plans have a very low rate as compared to all the other companies and also provide all the essential facilities which a person needs. Facilities like unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth etc. are some basic features which are common in all plans of the company. Besides this, the company provides all the other features like unlimited domain name, SSL and IP, FTP accounts etc. to their customer as per their demands. There are basically three plans of the company in India; Hatchling plan, Baby plan, and Business plan.
  • Provide 24×7 customer support in the country- It is very common to get stuck in such situations where it becomes very necessary to talk to the customer support center. For this, people have to call the company’s main support center which is usually situated in the foreign countries. Due to this, people have to pay ISD rates even if they are talking with the customer support center. But HostGator has established their own customer care center in India by which they provide all the technical help which a person needs to solve their problem. Apart from this, HostGator is the only website hosting company in India which provides the facility of toll-free customer care number to their users, by which they can contact the customer support representative without paying any extra cost. Apart from this, the company has also provided the facility of emailing and chatting from which a person can get in contact with the technician at the time of difficulty.
  • Flexible payment options for the customers- One of the most problematic thing which people face while dealing with the foreign website hosting companies is their payment options. Most of the companies of the world prefer to receive payments from the credit card or accept the electronic money such as bitcoins. But this electronic money is not supported in India and there are only a few people who own a credit card. Mostly in India, people use to opt payments using the online internet banking services which are provided by the bank. So HostGator has also solved this problem for their clients. HostGator supports all the possible means of payments which are available in India such as debit card, credit card, PayPal, internet banking etc. These facilities not only provide the flexibility to the company’s payment department, but it also provides the freedom to the users to pay the company as per their comfort zone.


A question might be striking in your mind that why you should switch towards the services of HostGator from the company from where you are already having a deal. But there are some technical as well as other general reasons why a person should switch towards this company from the other one. Some of these reasons are given below, which will give you the knowledge about the benefits of choosing the HostGator for your website hosting process:
  • Provide the Indian IP-As the company has established their branch in India and works for their customers from there, the company provides the India IP to their customers. Having an India IP will increase the rate of your success on the internet and if most of the people who visit your site are Indians, then the speed of the website will also be increased by getting the home IP. By getting the home IP, the latency of the network connection between the server host and the user is reduced which can increase the speed up to ten times more than before.
  • Increase the position in the result of the search engine- If a search has been executed while sitting in India, then the results which would be displayed by the search engine will be beneficial for you. As, having an Indian IP, your position in the search result will be higher and the traffic on your website will be increased gradually. This will also help you to earn more money from your website and the visibility of your website will increase up to twenty-five percent more than before.
  • Easily transfer your data from other hosting services to their own- There are many people who will not want their data to be collapsed while transferring their host from one company to other. Due to this, most of the people do not change their domain. But HostGator provides the facility of transferring your data from other website hosting company to their own disk drives by which you can access your data as the way it was left by the user. Besides this, they also provide the facility to migrate the emails and other types of message boxes which a user had on the other website hosting company’s server. HostGator will do all these things for you, without bringing any type of downfall on your website.
After knowing all these things, you can easily go for the HostGator India’s website hosting services and can increase your business value in the market.

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